Does your child dream of taking the stage?

Miss Kathey’s Academy for the Performing Arts is an intense workshop which combines training in acting, voice, and dance – The Triple Threat!

Get ready to see your child transform from the playground to the boardroom!

We know that developing discipline and manners is key to success – and it all starts with our youth. We’re not just teaching them how to be an incredible performer, but how to behave in a professional setting. At Miss Kathey’s Academy we’ll help your child understand the importance of communication, etiquette, and respect in personal and professional relationships.

Our program is designed to give your child the kind of edge that will stay with them for a lifetime. Your child will have the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in any situation.

So why wait? Enroll your child today and watch them thrive!

Meet Kathey Spurr

Miss Kathey is a powerhouse performer with over 35 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Her credits include national TV commercials, performances at top hotels, and appearances with legends like Bob Hope and Joan Rivers.

Her passion for the arts led her to establish Miss Kathey’s Academy for the Performing Arts, where she is dedicated to developing and training godly character in today’s youth. Miss Kathey is a true inspiration and role model for aspiring performers everywhere.

Plus, she’s sweet, but tough – the perfect performance coach to take your child’s talent to the next level.

How it Works...

Musical Theater Choreography/Stage Movement/Dance

The classes will emphasis the assortment of styles that are seen on Broadway today. Students will learn basic dance moves intended for musical theater from stylistic to different time periods, blocking and staging and how to transition on stage.

Musical Theater Voice

Students will be taught basic theory, how to read music, correct vocal technique, and to sing and perform with self-confidence and audition techniques.

Drama & Acting

Students will learn acting techniques, music theater terms, how to work in an ensemble, technical aspects, and improvisation, how to audition and theatrical stage make-up.
The skills and manners your child learns will carry them throughout their lifetime, helping them achieve success in all aspects of their lives.

The Final Edge

Developing skills and manners

The Final Edge helps your child develop essential skills and manners necessary for success, starting from the playground and extending to the boardroom.

Social and professional skills

We help equip youth with the right social and professional skills needed to navigate today’s global marketplace and beyond.

Guiding social interactions

Our program helps children understand the guidelines for social interactions, setting them up for success in all their personal and professional relationships.

The skills and manners your child learns with The Final Edge will carry them throughout their lifetime, helping them achieve success in all aspects of their lives.

Are you ready to see your child transform into the TRIPLE THREAT you know they can be?

Miss Kathey’s Academy is a subsidiary of Concert Ministries a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt Non-profit organization. Our programs rely on donations to help us “bridge the gap” between what we earn from ticket sales and class tuition and the operating costs of what it takes to deliver top-notch educational experience at an affordable rate!

Contact us: Concert Ministries Inc. | 5417 Halifax Drive | Orlando, Florida 32812 | Call us: 407.473.0313

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