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Why I Became a Kitchen Table CEO

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If there was one thing that a worldwide pandemic made us realize, it was how strong, resilient, and brave we can be in times of hardship.

It was a humbling season for so many of us. It changed the way we presented ourselves. There was a new extension of Grace for many of us as our cats walked across our ZOOM calls and our kids yelled in the other room.

These once-embarrassing situations birthed the concept of the “Kitchen Table CEO.” The idea removes all pretentiousness in how we do business worldwide and celebrates authenticity.

Moving forward to now, I love what I have been and to build and how often you still find me right here, in the safe space that I have carved out for myself to find balance and productivity. There’s something beautiful that happens around a kitchen table.

There’s something relational, something communal, that happens when you have a free-flowing space like a table to gather around. When I left the traditional work model to start my business, most of the people I met were around the kitchen table I’m sitting at now. We’ve even created content around this kitchen table.

This safe space for family conversations and togetherness now also represents a place of work and life coming together. It’s the idea that I no longer have to be two separate people. I don’t have to be one person leading a company, and then once 5 pm hits, I get to transition to my most important role, Mom.

I love seeing the results of meetings where we can share life. There’s something extraordinary about being able to share lunch or prepare breakfast for a client that has a little bit of extra time. Having a place of vulnerability and authenticity when diving into the inner workings of someone’s business requires trust. Around this table, faith in one another begins to flow freely, and those doors that usually shut people out start to open. At this table, both parties feel seen, known, and understood.

I love how God has brought Queenly Consulting to the space that we are now. Every day I get to use this God-given space to build relationships, drive impact, and watch this community grow.

My hope for you today as you read this is that you look around at the balancing of life, and through the eyes of a well-lived-in home, you start to see the big picture of all that you are providing and everyone you impact by being you right where you are meant to be.

Things may not look and feel like they used to, but they’re much better.

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