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5 Ways to Repurpose Content on Social Media

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Do you ever feel that once you share an idea or advice on a social platform, you’ll sound like a broken record if you share it again? 
I get it, but this isn’t true.
Good ideas and great advice don’t have an expiration date. The average person needs to hear the same thing multiple times and in various formats before it sinks in and they consider applying it to their life. 
So let me help you out. You CAN share the same idea multiple times and NOT sound like a broken record while reaching your current and new audiences.

1. Turn a Long Caption into a Carousel Post

The newer caption can be short and direct. All of the excellent info is swipeable in graphic format. This will be that saveable. “I’ll return to that,” content for your audience.

2. Turn any static post into a REEL or Short Form Video on LinkedIn

You’ve probably noticed that Instagram recently made a big switch to prioritize video content.
If you are not into having your face on camera, one easy trick to turn what would otherwise have been a static image into video content is to add text overtop of a video and export and post it. 

3. Create a Static or Carousel Post From a REEL or Short Form Video

Take that Reel that has been living on your page and reformat it. You can turn it into a static post with an infographic or a carousel post. Now, the same idea, but flip it and reverse it.

4. Take Your Post and Turn them into Story Content at a Different Time

REUSE what you have already made! We love stories because they get your content in front of an active audience and beat the algorithmic feed.
Pro Tip: Canva has excellent features for easily resizing content. Take your posts and carousels and resize them to fit perfectly on your stories.

5. Keep It Simple and Turn a Carousel into a Simple Infographic.

Take a post with a ton of detail and simplify it for your audience. Here’s an example, if you discuss how you schedule your day and plan for your week, post a schedule or quick outline of your points.


The Takeaway

Remember, social platform algorithms never serve your content to your entire audience. You’re guaranteed that quite a few people are going to miss your post and are going to need a second (or third) opportunity to receive your message. 

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