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Case Study | Forward Focus Holistic Wellness

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Solina trusted me completely to help her clarify her purpose, positioning, and growth strategies as I developed a strategy to position her brand across digital platforms. As a pediatric occupational therapist with a heart for people with special needs, she always put her clients first, but in some instances, her affordable pricing was detrimental to her own long-term financial success. After reviewing her positioning in the holistic wellness market, I encouraged her to increase her prices to reflect the current market and the talent and years of expertise she brings to any room.

A Strong Foundation to a Digital Strategy

As a sole proprietor, I knew that a website would be needed to serve as a launchpad for her digital strategy. However, it was also important that it included an integrated booking system, automated emails, credit card processing, and an accounting system. These systems would be key to sustainable business growth and overall growth organization.

She is now averaging 25 bookings a month via her online platform.

Leveraging Social Media for Awareness and Organic Growth

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