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Experience Healthy Movement in your Business.

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Business Marketing and Consulting Services

We help business owners on every level seeking to grow but face the challenges of wearing multiple hats, personally and professionally. 
We have a comprehensive understanding of what business owners and leaders need to engage, retain, and serve customers, internally and externally, while showing up powerfully for their families and communities. 
At Queenly Consulting, we empower businesses with the tools and strategies to build a brand across digital platforms. Our holistic, data-driven outlook on marketing leverages innovation, trends, and industry best practices to catapult your growth and streamline your marketing efforts. 

How We Work

Done FOR you services

You likely didn’t start your business to become an expert in marketing and business growth, but we did. We can take the marketing and business development off your hands so you focus on what you do best.

With services that cover the board, including social media management, email marketing, data auditing, team development, automation and operations, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram advertising, and so much more, we’ll have you covered.

Laurel can even step in as your Interim or Fractional CMO.

All our services can be uniquely tailored and customized to make sense for your business.

Done WITH you services

If you want to keep your foot in the door and have the flexibility to manage your business growth but need professional guidance, this section is for you.
We work with companies ranging from 1 to 1,000, solopreneurs and corporations alike. 
Whether creating partnerships, launching new products, developing marketing strategies, or learning how to better leverage social media are your goals, we are our priority and device a plan to see them come to life. 
We come alongside you to develop strategies and processes leveraging the data you have to empower you and your team to thrive in the areas where you want to see the most growth long after our time together ends.

Step-by-Step Guides

If you know where you want to go but maybe need a little help getting there and are comfortable with some DIY our Step-By-Step Guides are for you.

Our courses are perfect for business owners looking to level-up their skillsets in a cost and time-efficient way.

Design Services

This is for brands and business owners who need professional design services to make their marketing and branding dreams come to life.
Whether you need to build a website, a digital course, create social media content, updated marketing materials, or are looking for custom packaging and label design — we are here to make your design needs come to life with our comprehensive services. 


Looking for clarity in your strategy and need guidance on how to make it all happen?

A consultation call is all you need to answer those burning questions and bring clarity to your growth strategies.


A Note from our Founder

After years of personal and professional experience, I founded Queenly Consulting to help Impact-Focused Businesses and Entrepreneurs realize their business goals.


My community-driven outlook on Business Development includes training, operations, virtual business solutions, digital strategies, personality, and culture that all come together to help build a brand across multiple platforms.


What does that mean? 


Your communication and relationships with your employees and stakeholders are just as important as those with clients and customers.


All aspects of building and growing a business are dependent on one another. Everyone needs to be on the same page. Your outward appearance is a reflection of what’s happening internally.  


When carefully teamed together, your business growth is catapulted in a way that creates healthy movement– sustainable increase, longevity, and legacy. 

Our Services

Business Coaching and Mentorship

Every person in business needs a coach to hold them accountable and encourage them to get to the next level.

Social Media Strategy Coaching

Social Media Management can be expensive. Learn how to manage your own social channels in an effective and authentic way.

Website Development

Beautiful websites on the platform of your choice with built-in processes and automations that make your business easier to manage.

Graphic Design Services

Whether you need to spice up your social channels, need updated marketing materials, or are looking for custom packaging and label design — we’re here to turn your design needs to life.

Digital Marketing and Strategy

Allow us to help create and implement strategies that create and foster strong a strong company culture and connection with all audiences, internally and externally.

CRM Consulting and Virtual Solutions

Establish workflows, automation, and processes using industry-leading tools to manage the mundane.


What People Say

Salted Orange Studios
Salted Orange Studios
WHOA. Where has Laurel been all my life?? I cannot begin to explain how valuable her services have been. If you aren't working with her you are flat out leaving money on the table. She's running our FB ads, funnels, tracking and managing results, making adjustments on the fly, redesigning what doesn't work, retargeting ads, and so much more. All things that make my head hurt. On top of all that, I am getting leads while I am working on other things I didn't have the time for before. AMAZING. I am sending everyone I know to Queenly Consulting. PERIOD. Thank you Laurel!!
Corey L. Nery
Corey L. Nery
I'm not going to lie. I'm not the most trusting when it comes to receiving advice from other experts (outside of peer reviews for products). But, sitting with Laurel for just 30 minutes blew me away! Not only did Laurel hear me out, but she also gave me practical strategies to outwit my social advertising dilemma. Including some resources and suggestions. 😭 I have so much more hope and direction I could cry! I can't wait to apply her nuggets to grow my business. Best believe I'm going back to Queenly Consulting Co for future services. #incredible
Barbara Perez Law
Barbara Perez Law
Laurel helped me take both my business and personal brand to a different level! She not only gives you the tools you need but also teaches you how to use them. Love working with her!
Emmylou Rivera
Emmylou Rivera
I’ve known Laurel for several years, we have worked together for numerous time, and she has helped me greatly and has been very instrumental in my growth. She have a deep understanding when it comes to businesses and have done a great job communicating with me through the process. She is one of the “irreplaceable” parts of any new business plan because she will help you see the angles that you have been missing. I hope to be partnered with her for a very long time. I recommend Laurel to anyone looking to establish an online presence and take their businesses to a whole new level!
Kenneth Clark
Kenneth Clark
Working with Laurel made our lives so easy. From the moment we began talking to her, she and her team were nothing but superior. It was extremely helpful how she made the complicated items, simple. She cares about every single detail as much as we did, while always being there to offer additional tips and solutions for us to consider. Laurel and her team are great to work with and will add a tremendous amount of value to your project.
Cynthia Blackwell
Cynthia Blackwell
Attended a presentation and am in WOW!!! It was all about social media and boy was Laurel great - shared so much about HOW to gain traction!!!
Solina Brainin-Mattos
Solina Brainin-Mattos
Laurel’s support in expanding my business has opened up NEW levels of growth and possibilities, both personally and professionally. I have DOUBLED my business since starting to work with Laurel. She has patiently and lovingly listened to my vision and brought it to life, creating a stunning website that authentically represents me and my passion to serve. Her level of commitment and follow through are impeccable. Her capacity to take my simple writings and create something beautiful has boosted my confidence. I know this is just the beginning and that Laurel and I shall continue to cast visions and co create beautiful works together which shall contribute to the holistic wellness of many. Forever grateful!!!
Birth Hour Photography & Films
Birth Hour Photography & Films
I spent several years manually handling every aspect of my photography business & found myself overwhelmed keeping up with it all. The worst part was that I wasn’t able to further my reach or truly enjoy the creative side of my business, which is what I love most. I came to Laurel for help hoping to develop a Client Relations system that worked for me; and she blew me away! Not only did she create an effective & productive workflow, but walked me though every decision to create a beautiful client experience that looks and sounds like me! I am now able to manage the back-end of my business with ease, the client-communication automations she created have saved my mind, and I have been able to book more clients with confidence. If you are a business owner like me, you NEED Laurel. Her ability to cast vision and stay focused while being completely relatable is a game-changer. You can hire big companies or watch endless DIY videos, but you won’t find her caring heart and passion behind seeing YOU grow anywhere else!
Erin O'Donnell
Erin O'Donnell
I attended the Social Media workshop in January and found the content to be informative, timely and engaging. Highly recommend.
Jennifer Weber
Jennifer Weber
I have ZERO ability, experience or even understanding of social media apps, platforms or marketing. After my first meeting, I can’t say that! I have a plan and a focus that is easy for me to follow and understand. Her advise was spot on and she really wanted to know my business to help us connect and build meaningful content for our customers and community. I will absolutely be a repeat customer and if you are debating like I was, this first step, this investment in yourself, your business and your brand is one you should and NEED to take!


Inspiring Conversations with Laurel Ordonez

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by the OrlandoVoyager, an online magazine that searches and asks for the community to provide them the most inspiring stories from in and around Orlando.

Check out the interview if you are interested in reading it.

Active businesswomen who are making a difference.

Laurel had an interview with “Afternoons With Mike”.  Mike’s show airs originally on radio over “The Shepherd Radio Network,” a division of Marc Radio Group.

Dominating Social Media with the Central Florida Christian Chamber

Laurel had an interview with “Afternoons With Mike”.  Mike’s show airs originally on radio over “The Shepherd Radio Network,” a division of Marc Radio Group.

In Dominating Social Media, Laurel took the audience beyond vanity metrics (impressions, likes, comments, and follows) to teach you how to utilize Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to the fullest. 

Not sure where to start?

Drop in your information below and we‘ll follow up with you!

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